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Webuyanycard (DieCard Ltd.) has licensed Shufflers Inn Ltd. to purchase Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards on its behalf. As such, you will be selling your cards directly to Jakob or Callum.
The shipping address is:

Callum Hamilton
20 Somerset Road
Hebburn NE31 2DS
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Inside the parcel, please put a note with your full name, email address and phone number written in block capitals. Without this, we cannot verify that the parcel received belongs to you.

Please be aware that we assume no responsibility for your cards until they reach us safely by post. We would always advise the use of a tracked shipping method with adequate insurance.


The value of Yu-Gi-Oh cards is always dependant on condition. To avoid disappointment, we advise researching the value of your cards, or asking our buyers for help, before you ship them to us. Our buyers are be happy to help you with an initial evaluation to find out if they are worth the expense and effort of shipping them to us. For collections shipped to us containing entirely heavily played, damaged or low-value cards, you may be asked to pay for the postage should you wish to have them returned.


Buy & Box Form


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