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Terms of Service

These Terms of Service reflect the way Die Card Ltd.'s business works and sets expectations in how we interact with our customers. It outlines how we operate, what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you when you use our services. It also describes how we endavour to resolve any disagreements or problems.

Service Provider
Webuyanycard is the trading name of Die Card Ltd., a limited liability company organised under the laws of the United Kingdom. Our correspondence address is:

27 High Street

These terms help to define the relationship between you and Die Card Ltd. Broadly speaking, we give you permission to use our services if you follow these terms. When we speak of "Webuyanycard", "we", "us", and "our" we mean Die Card Ltd. When we speak of "you" or "your", we mean anyone who uses our website or services. When we refer to a "buyer", we mean the Die Car Ltd. employee who is tasked with handling your inquiry and acts on the behalf of Die Card Ltd.

Our Services
We primarily provide a collection and card buying service for Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon trading cards. This means that we will seek to purchase your trading cards from you in exchange for cash, usually paid by bank transfer or PayPal. We only make offers to purchase cards in British Pounds. We may also offer you store credit from our shop, in exchange for your cards. In addition to collection buying, we also provide services relating to card authentication and valuation, as well as a third-party trustee service to help facilitate high value transactions between individuals. These services may be provided through this website, our Facebook page, via e-mail, or in person at our office or any other location.

Using Our Buy List
You can find our buy list at This is a tool designed and created by us to help us to make you an offer to purchase your cards. Please keep in mind that the prices provided by the buy list are only advisory, and do not constitute a binding offer of purchase. When you use the buy list, you can search and add the cards you would like to sell to us to a cart. When you have finalised your cart, you will be asked to provide contact details and a payment method by which you wish to be paid for your cards.

When you ship your cards to us, we assume responsibility for the cards sent to us as soon as they reach us by post. Before that time, it is your responsibility to ensure that any cards you send to us get to us safely. We take no responsibility for packages that may be lost or damaged in the post. We recommend choosing a postage option that offers adequate insurance in case of loss, and packaging them securely.

When we receive your cards, we will check over the contents of the package. At our discretion, we may accept or reject the cards inside. If we accept the cards for purchase, we will pay out the offer amount indicated when you completed the forms in the buy list check out, using the payment method of your choice. At that point, you may receive an email confirmation from our buyer that the transaction has been completed.

Sometimes we may need to reject your cards, or make adjustments to the total amount.
The buy list does not provide a binding offer of purchase for your cards, and the price it gives for any particular card is only for guidance. While most prices provided by the buy list are accurate, every card that is sent to us through the buy list must be checked and confirmed by our buyers before we can accept the list. Any offer we may make to purchase your cards is only final when you receive direct communication from one of our buyers to that effect. Payment for your cards equal to the amount stated in the buylist is equivalent to such communication. We may reject purchasing your cards at our discretion and for any reason.

In some cases the offer made by us to you will differ from the amount indicated in the buy list. This can be for any reason, not limited to differences in condition to what was expected, us receiving counterfeit cards, or changes in market conditions. When this happens, the buyer dealing with your case will contact you directly and outline the options we may offer you. When this happens, we will usually make you an updated offer at a lower price. You always have the right to reject any offer of purchase that we may make to you that is lower than the amount indicated by the buy list., Upon doing so, we will arrange with you a means of returning your cards back to you, or for you to collect those cards from our premises.

Contacting Us
To carry out these services and provide you with the best experience that we can, you may contact us, or we may contact you, in any number of ways. Most communication with Die Card Ltd. takes place through our Facebook page, which you can find at You may also contact, or be contacted by, one of our staff via email, Facebook private messaging, Whatsapp, in-person, or through any other means of communication. When using our services, we apply the same Terms of Service irrespective of the communication method.

Making an Offer
Before we can make you an offer to purchase your cards, we need enough information about them to allow us to make an estimation of their value. Such information can be shared with us in a written list, photographs, through a phone or video call, or by any other means of communication. After you have made contact with our buyer, they may advise you on the best way to provide us with the details of your cards. The buyer will do their best to make an initial purchase offer based on the information provided. In most cases, this ends up being the final offer that we will then use to purchase your cards. In some cases, it is not possible for us to make an offer to purchase your cards before seeing the cards in person. In such cases, we may ask to meet you in person to view the cards, or to ship them to our address.

Any offer we make prior to seeing your cards in person is not binding. It does not create a contract between us and you. Such an offer may be withdrawn at any time, for any reason, up until the point that the transaction is completed.

Sending Us Your Cards
Before we can purchase your cards, we need to receive them at our offices or meet with you in person to inspect the cards. We may ask whether you would like to bring us the cards in person, or if you would like to ship them. Most people prefer to ship their cards. We take no responsibility for any cards or other items you ship to us until they have been received safely at our designated shipping address. Until that time, it is your responsibility to select a reputable courier to ensure their safe delivery. It is also your responsibility to ensure that they are shipped with adequate insurance in case of postal loss or damage. We are happy to provide advice on how to best protect your cards to avoid damage in transit, though it is ultimately your responsibility if such damage occurs. We always advise to use a return address on any parcel.

Receiving Your Cards
Most of the parcels or card collections we receive are processed on the day of arrival. During processing, we look at what we have received and compare it with what we were expecting to receive. Most of the time, we encounter no problems and are able to proceed to complete the transaction within a few hours of receiving the cards. For very large collections, or during busy periods, we may require up to 72 hours until we are able to process the cards. In all cases, we reserve the right to reject the purchase of your cards. This is very rare, and usually only happens when the contents of what you have sent us differs greatly from what we were expecting to receive.

Occasionally we find a mismatch between your cards and what we were expecting to receive. In such cases, your buyer will communicate with you what the problem may be. Common reasons include cards that are of a lower condition, a different language or a different version from what was expected. Sometimes we receive counterfeit cards, or cards that are so damaged that we cannot buy them. In all cases, your buyer will advise on any revisions we may need to make to your offer.

Binding Offer
After we have checked your cards, your buyer will make a binding offer to purchase your cards. Should you accept this offer, they will ask you to fill in the payment form on our website, where you can choose your preferred method of payment. Once the form is filled in, most purchases are paid out within a few hours.

Payment Form
On our payment form, you will be asked to confirm that the cards you are selling to us are your own property, and that you understand these Terms of Service. The information collected in the form include your name, address, bank details and email address. This information is only used for the purpose of completing our purchase of your cards. It may later be used in meeting our obligations to HMRC and and law enforcement agencies as required under the laws of the United Kingdom. The information will never be used for the purposes of advertising and we will not share it with anyone for any commercial purpose. If you are using our buy list, the check out process will ask you to provide us with payment details before you can finalise your order.

Who We Can Buy From
Die Card Ltd. operates under HMRC's Global Accounting Scheme. As such, we only buy cards from individuals who are not VAT registered and based in the United Kingdom. Please let your buyer know if you are VAT registered, or if you are selling on behalf of a company or other legal entity, or if you are selling to us from outside the United Kingdom. By selling to us, you agree and affirm that the cards being sold are your legal property, over which you have sole and complete authority.

Our stated aim is that every person who chooses to use our service have a positive experience. We will endeavour to treat you with respect, be clear in our communication and fair in our dealings. We want our customers to value the use of our service as much as we value their continued custom and support. If you find that at any time, our staff have acted in a way that fails to meet this standard, please write to and we will endeavour to remedy the situation.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, or lease any part of our services. You may not present yourself as our agent, or act on our behalf, without our permission. You may not use the content on this website without our permission. We will not be responsible for any loss of profits, revenues, business opportunities, goodwill, or anticipated savings that may occur from the use of our services. Nor will we be responsible for any indirect or consiquential loss, or liable for any punitive damages that may result from the use of our services. We may decide to terminate your access to our service at any time, or decline to have further business dealings with you for any reason. In such cases, any items belonging to you may be collected form our offices at a mutually arranged time.

Contact and Complaints
If you have any questions or complaints about our service, please write to us at the address above, or email We endeavour to reply to all inquiries within 3 working days.

Last updated 25th May 2024

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