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Next Auction: July 2024


webuyanycard has partnered with eBay for quarterly high end auctions. With our trusted name and many years of experience in the Magic singles trade, combined with eBay's global reach and promotion, these auctions have been a resounding success. In 2023, we sold over £200,000 worth of Magic: the Gathering singles through our eBay store.


We strive to create repeat customers by offering a service that is unparalleled.


Our next auction is scheduled to begin July 18th 2024. This auction is promoted by eBay and will reach a huge number of buyers around the world. Consign your cards to us, and we will use our experience and reach to realise the best price on your behalf.

What's included in this service?

  • Auction design of the higest quality (SEO, hi-res video and images).

  • Promotion to ensure your cards are seen by the most relevant buyers, all over the world. Our auctions are promoted on eBay's front page and social media channels.

  • We handle all buyer inquiries, packaging, shipping, insurance, and associated risks.

What will the auction look like?

Our auction design is unmatched. Sellers of high end cards often fail to give potential buyers sufficient information to make an informed decision about the condition of their card. This can lead to returns or costly disputes over condition. Over the years we've accumulated the equipment, knowledge and experience to create the kind of images and videos that help buyers make informed decisions. See some of our recent auctions here:

Mox Ruby (BGS 9.5, Unlimited)

Sol Ring (Kaladesh Masterpiece)

Gaea's Cradle (Judge Promo)

Mox Pearl (Unlimited)



























When is the next auction?

Our next round of auctions is scheduled to run from July 18th - July 28th 2024.

What do I need to do?

To include a card in the auction, we need to receive your cards by July 10th. If you miss this deadline, your cards can still be sold in a future auction. You can ship your cards to us, or bring them to our office in person.

Which cards are you accepting?

We are accepting cards valued at £100 or more. If you have cards worth less than that, or if you don't want to sell via auction, we can offer to purchase them directly. For a quote, get in touch with our buyers.

What fees do you charge?

Our consignment fee is 20% of the value of the auction end price. There are no hidden, additional fees or further costs to you. If your auction end price is £1000, you receive £800. We are liable for any risk associated with postal loss, damage or other buyer problems. The fee is only charged if the item is paid for by the buyer.

How do I participate?

Please email to consign your cards. We can advise on the best method for getting your cards to us, based on their value and location.

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